Printing without color is colorless

It is willing to make everything into the obsession with beauty; it is free and wild, wanton summer to allow unruly miss. It can not surrender in the pale only for the moment of the low profile, it should be so crazy, only publicity, will burst out of the glory can not look directly. This is the colorful printing in cheap clothes from China.

01 Colorful, then colorful to the extreme. As in the flowers in the flowers can still be resolved in the moment between the king of flowers, in the bustling crowd in the heart of peace of mind to do a very beautiful printing, in the eyes of passers-by see appreciation and amazing. Chinese-style design of the tailoring, umbrella pendulum dress spread out in the chair reminding us of scenes scenery, it is so gorgeous.

02 Pure, it will be a new pattern. Black and white between the splicing is worth pondering, horizontal pull out the fine stripes, vertical extension of the abstract art, the color in the separation between the inch of separation, so a basic section of the dress into a three-dimensional and swaggering beauty.

03 Charming, is a gorgeous game. Red lip color may not be traces but very revealing seduce, it may also become a cold queen lips spilled edge shape atmosphere. Black veil can not cover the restless heart, red lips dripping, which is very beautiful and a little bit nifty.

04 Crazy, is the revolution of quiet. Everyone said that the summer should be light cool then will have the first followers, light pink, light blue and light purple, must be a pale tone to bring out the summer of the strong green to drop.

05 Empty, there are many invisible feelings of it. It is a solid color dress, A-shape of the version of the small lapel. It is the color and orange to reconcile, far from almost see the boundaries of the clear. However, it is low-key gorgeous, the same color of the lace hook covered with skirts, invisible hook flowers in the sun concave and convex slightly shadows, sleeveless also can be beautiful.



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