Quarter-simple wardrobe propped up half a closet

In the cheap clothes from China can not ignore the simple power behind the natural simplicity is rich and tolerant fashion expression, simple models save the complicated work but give more space for expression, the various styles can be more clearly expressed to Jane lifting heavy weight, the appearance of low-key internal stunning, blooming lasting charm.

01 Small collar decorated slender neck, a small black dress elegant interpretation, a little retro sense of knitting a piece of delicate show, split and short before and after the long clothes from China will be cast in the hem personality, elegant and elegant skirt, take the elegant route Just a beautiful set of shoes and bags for commuting can be combined with sweaters or suits, if with a handsome cowboy or leather jacket with a personality model is also a stylish child is difficult to stop.

02 V collar decorated with a small face and sexy clavicle, knit soft package curve graceful finish, provoke hidden throbbing and heartbeat, simple style, texture neat knit skirt both inside and outside are gentle, elegant and delicate, low-key classic color, practical Wild paragraph from autumn to winter.

03 Exquisite workmanship lace not only enhance the visual fine beauty, but also bring the skin soft and comfortable touch, with a short skirt concave a romantic ladylike style, experience a journey of light and luxury elegant, short outer long two sets of appearance association and the best fit of pragmatism, black to give too much space, with the collision color to reflect gorgeous and stunning.

04 Basic denim shirt and white shirt are the same as ordinary but amazing styling tools, but also the indispensable thing in the early autumn light travel, whether it is rolled up the sleeves of the handsome, or wearing the knitted inside exposed youth sunshine, are about denim shirt familiar way to open, with fancy denim hot pants show legs is also a passionate choice of energy.

05 Streaks are an extremely powerful element that can be found throughout the year, with smooth, thin lines that are graceful and delicate, such as the mountain springs that keep cool away from the crowds, striped stitching and split ends that give a richer visual appearance nine points shoulder arm sleeve liberation arm, box short lively rate real nature.



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