See how the velvet changes the inherent image in clothes

When to be able to hit the color of this art to master, you dress up the dress will be a qualitative change. Gray, brown, peacock green, golden velvet can be the charm of these colors completely released, deep shallow more or less collision, the chic station of the style in wholesale women clothes is cool.

01 Golden velvet because of the special material, once a synonym for elegance, even if only a bright diamond foil foil, but also enough to make people heart. From a certain point of view, the velvet suit masculine seems not so strong, more like a different kind of fashion try.

02 Always thought that the velvet is the mother of their favorite fabric, after all, it has long history. But also have to admit that a lot of golden velvet style only mother’s temperament and gas field to control, after all, mature and charm is not overnight. Net yarn stitching gold velvet dress, there are details of the attraction is also very temperament.

03 Want to distinguish with the out of style of mother’s, first of all to draw a line in color. Although the same is the red line, wine red tolerance pink do not understand, but the pink wine red wine may not be able to understand. Lace stitching, the word collar and fishtail skirt sexy can be resolved just right.

04 If it is dark golden velvet, or cut into a cheongsam is the most emboldened. Since you want to fashion and then, then how to point lace. And not exposed to the sexy, but a printed game fills, such a gold velvet dress in autumn is quite eye-catching.

05 Golden velvet change too much, the color to be a little shallow, printing elements elegant point, style to fashion a little. This year is very popular two-piece design, green chic in the sense of hierarchy to be the perfect release, which is the young people’s golden velvet.


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