September peppy style to help you be forever eighteen years old

September is the school season, the pace of youth has been moving forward, but the best years cannot be forgotten. Those choices of wholesale clothing have become the best memories, and really want to go back to the past young days. Dressing up to make you be forever eighteen years old, come and choose college style, let your September is also full of meaning.

01 Shirt and vest skirt may seem too old-fashioned, but fashion is matching with the innovative style can give people a sense of timeless. Possession of blue is the representative of the school style, even if not clear enough to be chic but somewhere can make people aware of the taste of youth.

02 In fact, the school style is not biased towards the bright colors, they usually choose low-key but not the eye-catching color, perhaps because the youth is enough eye-catching, and no need to let the color to grab the limelight. Light khaki to be with a white shirt has sprouting innocence.

03 The existence of the shirt is definitely the pillars of the college style, we always want to be eighteen years old so we cannot miss shadow of the shirt. Orange and white stripes of the combination plus point cartoon printing, white shirt and denim shorts, cycling back seat of the landscape is a symbol of youth invincible.

04 The young is the best time to give September about the best capital, together with the immature have become very impressive. Taking advantage of such a good time, to go back to the literary fashion is also a good choice. Retro rustled red is for the pilgrimage of youth good capital.

05 From the black and white with the absolute self-confidence, is the wave point round character is black and white silent tacit understanding. Collar has a bowknot is definitely the most suitable for eighteen years old, black and white wave point creates another refreshing vision, simple skirt exudes a simple temperament and charm.


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