Simple, so happy

Sometimes the truth of life and wholesale fashion dress the truth is exactly the same, consider too much too complex but not achieve the desired effect, the more the size of the more bruised, in the end just want to use a mediocrity to ridicule their own, my mind do not care to put aside their side, temporarily ignore them, and so have a leisurely mood to say, in many cases Jane is better than the complex, always think before it will become indecisive.

01 Out of the front of the cabinet in the face of many clothes hesitated to choose, might as well stop the tangled, choose a relatively pure white shirt, collar on the small embellishment moment to lift the monotonous curse, not only a single wear, but also with the kinds of jackets, sets of sweaters, and even vest skirt with changing shape, or how to say to Jane to win it?

02 The pursuit of fashion beautiful this is true, but do not forget too much, the body dressed bright feeling, but it seems exaggerated, it is better to casual black dress and sports shoes show people, there is no sense of oppression, quite comfortable, and energetic surge.

03 If it is a small suit, there is no doubt that it is no need for extra design, bright yellow was very bright, vibrant, and then more complex will only self-defeating, primer shirt, pants, and bags and the like accessories but also try to low-key dark line based.

04 You can also dig out in the simple new ideas, making simple things look unique, a simple black sweater may be some ordinary, with a hook flower hollow to eliminate the dull, immediately clear a lot, along with the like no sexy charm.

05 Just like finishing the same wardrobe, all the things categorized, important things arranged in front, as those trivial little things, the push after the push, the neglect to ignore it, this way, the burden of the mind gradually become lighter , time is precious, try to choose their own way, rather than asking for trouble.


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