Street’s photograph , strap clothes let you 360 degrees to find a sense of lens

Street photograph seems to be a kind of unintentional existence, the pursuit is the natural, the heart of the perfect fashion girls do not think so, 360-degree visual no dead think so hard, but for them has become very simple, the source to the end of the answer, and look at the potential of wholesale clothes unlimited, with you easy to find a sense of the lens.

01 Straps in two sets of sleeves, waist is not too tight, pants are also not tight, wide-style interesting novelty, the first time to dispel all kinds of concerns about the body, more belly high waist pleated, peppy style is sweet enough fashionable.

02 Walk in the various colors between the popular, can be more texture to the interpretation of literary style, in order to interpret the great implicit in the city’s connotation of high precision, denim strap skirt length and ankle, loose but not lack of show and elegant streamline, it is a little lazy leisurely more favored by petty bourgeoisie, quiet and indifferent.

03 Not all the straps are trying to be novelty retro, this deep v-neck wide shoulders of the streamline, more suitable for the interpretation of modern intellectual clean, generous dignified while still a little aristocratic romantic, even if a touch of fresh and delicate will become the most vivid pose on the election.

04 In the skirt slim hip, the first to associate is the waist and waist of the enchanting and sexy, even if the intellectual current, can not get rid of light ripe style infinite, but inlaid with a wooden ear and strap, seems to be a little girl heart dictate, style quietly reversed.

05 Do not care about the end of the strap on the mirror, or eye-catching with holes, the two meet with each other the absolute popularity of the current, accessories T-shirt is very simple, but comfortable and easily provoke stars have been nostalgic, appearance is bound to extraordinary 100 points, the so-called mirror rate is no problem.



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