T-shirt + harem pants, summer casual matching

As to those women without any delicate lifestyle, wearing wholesale fashion dress is indeed a hard test. The windy weather can sure to make you be embarrassed in the large hem dress, sometimes leaving the skirt angle in the underwear is also a embarrassing situation. It seems everywhere hides risk. It is better to bow to the embrace of the pants, having both the femininity and fashion. T-shirt and harem pants combination is a good choice.

01 The black and white color is easy to wear with a sense of fashionable and modern feeling, in line with the white-collar wearing demand. Classic and not outdated black and white color with a touch of retro taste, making the chic star pattern of harem pants be much more fashionable.

02 Bright colors in the spring and summer season is very popular, with bright sunshine and slowly wind it can create the sense of light feeling. Neat pants type is not tight and not lazy, it is conducive to leg and hip line modification. T-shirt matches with pants, matching metal waist chain as a bright decoration.

03 The unique color in the pants can make it be outstanding easily, and it can also improve the designed feeling of the whole pants. Meanwhile, showing the chic style of a woman must be every woman’s goal. Actually it is not difficult to choose clothing, just need to choose a simple and loose pants if you don’t know what clothing you should choose for yourself.

04 Flower printing harem pants must be the clothing that seems to be hard to control but very chic to match all kinds of shirt. Relying the chic feeling of yourself, you should believe that you can control the pants very well.


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