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Autumn wardrobe imagination

Although nowadays autumn tiger is aggressive, high temperature continues to move forward, but also can not stop a big wave of autumn and winter after another listing. Every season, always tempting inner joy, this is our wardrobe to welcome the new rhythm, buy new wholesale women clothes became a matter of course, why not come to the entire wardrobe, to see what to buy the next?

01 Fun cabaret in the fall of the cabaret, exciting but need more brains, but for girls who like to dress up is always bored, if you understand your preferences and advantages and disadvantages, even if the selection of the sweater can be very common Be familiar, but also be different.

02 Long-sleeved T-shirt is also an indispensable bar, remove the fancy, unadorned pure color is the number one choice, but how to avoid monotonous it? Bright red touches the fastest speed come to the fore, coupled with a unique collar, slightly shows the curve of the clavicle, but also highlights its unusual.

03 Time-tested is denim jacket, especially in early autumn, a short denim jacket is prepared, when you can not remember what to wear when to use it battle quasi-insurance, with it, a variety of take as a dress, vest, etc. can bring you changeable shape.

04 Like a denim fabric, a white shirt is also a very safe item. A pure white shirt upper body adds a little bit of intellectuality and purity. It seems as if the chaos of things is not enough to make you feel scared. You are not in a hurry to walk in a calm manner between the earth.

05 Extremely ethnic embroidery for the injection of a long flavor, it is worth a closer look, the finer goods, living in the city the women can be completely replaced by its taste. Long-sleeved T-shirt every year, want to come this fall creative, with the scarves connected with the wholesale clothes from China cleverly created a fake two pieces of the effect, as is it tied into a knot or casual on the front Look at personal preferences, both aspect.

Pretty long sleeves keep autumn cool

Accidentally fall into the trap of the autumn, that the continuation of the summer scenery, you can make dress light unscrupulous, but did not want to dew Pearl quietly hit with the chill, the temperature in the morning and evening actually up. Need a long-sleeved clothes, autumn and cool to keep the season’s heart.

01 Do you like sweater casual nature? No more comfortable than this gesture, although wholesale clothes from China less feminine, but never picky print, still use the most gorgeous color to express their unrestrained. Playful cartoon printing, sweaters complement each other, not picky not give up.

02 Autumn is not asking us to give up chiffon, autumn is just to remind us of the new chiffon tricks, long sleeves are also very beautiful. Unwilling to loneliness, and lace together, to create the beauty of the hollow, lantern sleeves cute and umbrella skirt naive, you just can not imagine just right.

03 Since it is the world of long sleeves, we can not but pay attention to the changes of the sleeves. It is impossible for the lantern sleeves to complete all the expectations of autumn. So we have a lot of different options. Lotus leaf to join the meandering long-sleeved shirt, another world, cute and not tacky.

04 Light mature style does not require too much embellishment, they prefer simple and generous profile curve. Lapel shirt, blue and white staggered, fresh and natural color collision, delicate and delicate lace stitching, is the best partner nine feet pants, office ladies are the most convenient and most appropriate dress.

05 Cool autumn is not terrible, even a little lovely, because it gives us more opportunities to enrich the wardrobe life. When you see a butterfly flying from summer to autumn, it remembers dragonflies in the summer evening, and when they can fall on the chiffon shirt so that we always remember the summer landscape.


Find bright little details

Perhaps just a little mention of the waist line, perhaps the collar of the small embroidery, perhaps the skirt pulls up the folds, perhaps embellished with cute little wholesale clothes from China. Look for small details, dress and dress, you are the center, and the fall is within reach.

01 There is only two situations in which there is a temptation in this world. One is passionate love at first sight and the other is peace of mind that has long been awaited. How many girls like a printed dress like? Round neck not pick people, high waist sleeve was significantly high, large print straightforward announcement, find a reason to restrain the temptation, really hard.

02 Taste of lace, not necessarily from the summer pure lace sketched out of the body of the dress starting, and sweaters stitching after the blend of light and delicate primer shirt, even a single wear can feel far revealed a melting warm meaning. The purchase of a new piece of clothing is based on whether it can and the closet has mutual chances with each other, or a favorite and no other consideration. However, the striped sweater is no such concern, because the bow to meet the sweet and stripes are one of the wild models.

03 Mention shirts, it is necessary for a solid color space out of a large dedicated to talk about. Solid color can also play many tricks, light blue shirt looks like tooling how to do? Highlight the contrast with a black hook, Peter Pan collar age and lively, loosen the first two buttons, with a beautiful skirt will feel peace almost the same?

04 Autumn pursuit of layered wear is a very test of skill things, after all, once the mashup failed, that picture is too dare to look at it. Can stand on the tail of the summer look two-piece suit jacket, bat sleeve print T and stripes camisole layering, the perfect interpretation of the shirt, not limited to autumn?

05 White shirt and black and the South Pole generally have very similar qualities, such as looks completely unrelated, but it has a very inclusive. However, it is undeniable that the ethnic style of the printed series is more suitable for the slightly thicker autumn colors.

Give yourself some space

You can think about when to start, and then did not pay attention to the flowers on the road, did not look up to see the moon in the sky, whether it is still bright, whether the dark clouds hidden. In this fast-paced era, people are still accelerating the pace, regardless of the people at work or students, want to see the night to see the light only the computer screen and the table lights, that starlight, that Moonlight, the year of life, to leave their own space, the precious things of nature is to enjoy the good wholesale clothes from China.

01 Think of ancient cloth, to people by the dye, on the line more than 70 process production is completed, people step by step careful work eventually woven on the beautiful silk. Embroidery is more intoxicated, a needle line of experience, show to everyone is unparalleled artificial miracle. Modern technology makes hook flowers like the production of a lot of easy, the charm of the woman can be a perfect show.

02 Now a short coat or wear up, the weather is not as heavy as clothes in the winter, or to accommodate the next little element of the easy. Whitening jacket piercing a delicate feeling, in this fluttering transitory man in his thoughts to a worry-free space, appreciate the life is not the same as the beautiful part of life.

03 Others look at you to wear clothes, will be your aesthetic and fashion sense of the evaluation, they are only concerned about the good-looking; clothes to wear on their own, of course, they will pursue the pretty one, but more importantly, comfortable, let the body accept it in combination with the beauty of showing the best condition. For comfort, pure cotton is definitely the best of the body.

04 In fact, there is such a reality of reality, that is, never have to do endless things, never run the heart, life and many people will deal with the matter, the only way to get rid of trouble is to arrange their own reasonable Of the time, induction classification, life can also be taken care of the orderly.

05 To leave their own space, you can put on the coat to see the autumn and night slightly cold moon, feel it and the summer is different from that witnessed your season of change that year the moon, witness your pay, share your happiness with caress and comfort your sorrow.

Love is the tenderness of clothes

Tenderness like a star, in the boundless darkness to bring dazzling hope; tenderness like a sunny, one meter corner can feel the same as the warmth of fire; tenderness like oasis, dried up the withered tree to accept baptism usher in new life. Tenderness brought warm is unparalleled, from today, to do a quiet gentle woman in elegant wholesale clothes from China.

01 We always say that women are made of water, with delicate skin, soothing tone, people indulge in the tenderness. The fact is true, in every girl’s heart there is a shy of the future look forward to the little girls, leading to her just a small door, just waiting for the people to open it.

02 Good body shape is to use the skirt to match the dress, even in the autumn as the same as the summer flowers gorgeous. Autumn cool breeze strength can not be underestimated, then pick a knee-length skirt, thick woolen fabric also allows you to experience the incomparable warmth.

03 Tenderness of the girl also has a hot side, even so, still can not stop the bones of the lofty light. Like the burning of the youth in the passion burning, a symbol of free wild deer in the moonlight look back to the wilderness, the clothes on the highly appealing picture is extremely shocking.

04 Woolen fabric is a good partner of autumn, can not wait to follow the cold wind together with his face. Wool coat is like you are no longer strange, they are warm and comfortable features are also deep experience, and now, give you a chance to try the gorgeous hair of the transition, temperament plaid skirt with wool be much more exciting.

05 The time that a person being serious is the most beautiful time, whether he is for work or in the pursuit of their own interests, everyone’s efforts will eventually be rewarded. Simple black and white lines style, reckless, but also to the work of women added unlimited charm.

Always obsessed with daydreaming

Girls can always have a lot of privileges, such as the love of love clothes will never stop, such as a phase must be taken away, even after the kneeling cry to chop the hand is better than endless regret. Make a happy little wayward, through a warm winter in wholesale clothes from China.

01 Always do not have the same place with others, whether it is irregular hem or street style pocket printing, at least not like the public section on the road at all times in the subtle style. Neck fur collar in the red against the background under the plush cute.

02 If you can live on a winter without a down jacket, for some girls think carefully. But my big flower is so good, living in the warm south, a thick sweater jacket in the body, loose pocket rolled up sleeves, no down jacket, is also very good.

03 Cold and chill, although all kinds of high cold beauty, but in fact the ground gas candy color is more likely to evoke the desire to buy it. After all, the winter has been hot cold, high style but also to warm the way to make way. Twist knit shirt full of retro, shirt collar false two pieces of design can be done within the ride can easily adapt to the needs of office wear.

04 The biggest difference between young and mature is the experience. Experienced more to bring elegance of the introverted, but inadvertently reveal the light of elegance. Hollow pattern on the woolen skirt sketches, from afar like a small coat draped over the body, near to see is beautiful and low-key.

05 Sports style informal in any season, as if the girl’s thoughts, like a full sense of jumping. Winter sports wind is not only reflected in the woolen coat sports shoes such a fashionable peculiar, knitted dress on the pocket and letter printing, full of strength blowing.

How do you wear clothing one day in your twenties?

In the twenty years old, love is so beautiful, although you have nothing. What kind of boy do you like? What kind of wholesale clothes from China would you wear to meet him one day? Such a beautiful age, now can only envy.

01 Twenty years old is the best age, with the most bright green to set off the time. Using the two years of popular black leather pants to replace the leggings, absolutely can create the unbeaten fashion. Slightly loose sweater, can be a skirt or a shirt, the length is just right for the shopping time.

02 Colorful though is no longer young people’s exclusive, but twenty years old one day is definitely the color of the favorite time, what is appropriate, what is possible. Unique collage approach, so dark blue makes you look so young, college style with perfect show, bat-sleeve shirt is loose just right.

03 Maybe you will want to choose a knitting vest, the best is a two-piece of this, will not let the matching become a problem, just a black pants is enough. Level confident is full, knitting is the best companion, in the twenties of one day will make you satisfied.

04 You can choose a sweater, the best is pink, and then to match it with a big bowknot. You are young, what kind of color can not try? Even if the bowknot is a bit exaggerated, it will not hinder your youth invincible feeling.

05 A simple plaid shirt, blue and white staggered, is the kind of slightly cool colors, sketched out the age of twenty years old and that ignorant. And later to twenty-five years old, still able to control the plaid shirt of the simple feelings, but no longer like twenty years old will be happy and wantonly out.


Embroidered elements of the pretty clothing

Embroidery as one of the traditional Chinese fabric processing techniques, with its unique artistic charm to bring beauty. Embroidered elements have long been out of the shackles of traditional ethnic clothing, classical beauty and modern combination, to create fine wholesale clothes from China.

01 Large blue and green hollow lace embroidery bead pattern like blue peacock tail feathers like gorgeous and elegant, peach heart v-neck collar modified face lines, chiffon material lantern sleeves and slim straight style is thin and generous, to create aristocratic temperament.

02 Blue imitation denim fabric is very stylish, especially the skin white, petal-shaped large round neck elegant and natural, the same color embroidery pattern atmosphere and low-key, asymmetrical pattern quite design sense, as if a faint floating.

03 The color of the material is elegant and delicate, the sleeves with silk material to enhance the texture and comfort, oil-like complex rosette embroidery is the European romantic feelings, high waist design beauty stature , creating nice elongated body proportions.

04 Gradient rose jacquard and black and white embroidery of the superposition, in the absence of light when it is introverted low-key, light when the rose pattern is shiny, glowing three-color reflective, texture and three-dimensional feel good. Elegant and dignified style, accompanied by eye-catching red belt is thin.

05 Big blossom beads are charming and eye-catching, with gentle knitting as a fake two pieces with just to avoid the sense of swagger, there are stacked wear effect. Do not have to worry about long knitting so that the body looks too flat, with a wide belt is thin and type.