The beauty of Chinese cheongsam

Cheongsam, which is full of spiritual creation among wholesale women clothes, the best embodiment of the oriental woman’s charm. I would like to say that beauty depends on the women. Cheongsam style is diverse, different colors in different cheongsam can deduce a different character, different women can also give cheongsam a different temperament.

01 Luxury: peony flowers symbolizes wealth, which are the Chinese favorite flower species, since ancient times on its eulogizing has been too numerous, it symbolizes the rich, a symbol of splendid, a symbol of the Chinese people for a better life longing.

02 Pure: since ancient times lotus was known as the gentleman of the flower, there is a silt and not dyed holy of it, expressing the Chinese people for the pursuit of clean and elegant styles. White and blue colors are fresh and lively.

03 Dignified: being polite and knowledgeable, dignified and generous is the character of cheongsam. Hot red is a happy color, fishtail of the dress’s hem is retro and chic, lace flowers is an exquisite beauty.

04 Charming: smart charm is the characteristic of cheongsam. Lace material cheongsam with micro-transparent visual effect is very compelling. Having a little bit sexy feeling, a little elegant style, you have the unique charm.

05 Gentle: purple in the hearts of the Chinese people is also the lucky color, the use of the color in cheongsam has the hazy dream of feeling. Letting people see the beautiful side of the cheongsam. Cheongsam’s beauty is rich and varied, just like the woman’s beauty, different people have different beauty, and even the same person has different aspects of the beauty.


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