There are many choices, beautiful and invincible

As a child wearing layers of cake skirts will be familiar to each elder pinch a small face that hey cute to no, two-year-old girl if the same as a child, even if the baby fat or people will feel naive. Dress or can meet such a lovely little thought, with the beauty instead of spell color.

01 In the spring, and to say goodbye, the most direct than a light and not a thin Korean clothes wholesale . Comparison of light and dark jacquard in the apricot and silver fusion between the low-key bright, neat cut along the edge of the neck and arm weakened, gold hem under the hem glow elegant elegant fresh.

02 Most of the long dress is white, will have a fairy-like temperament. Lace knit a floating island dream island, all the unpleasant and unhappy all stopped outside not to approach. There are flowers in the open, each blossoming bathed in the most genial sunlight.

03 Chiffon can do, organza yarn can be. Lace can do, European root yarn is equally elegant. It is not just a pullover, it is the thrill of the spring scenery. Yarn swing the outer sleeve in the erection of the banner of personality, rose red will attract countless marvel at the bold but deep envy of the eyes.

04 Ocean deep and shallow blue, blue sky blue light far away from the interwoven dress, delicate pleated out of a smooth texture for elegant habitat. It can be made of air-puff skirts, but in the end it is still the color of the soft-colored skirts, as the ultimate return.


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