Thin and obviously tall

Skirt to see that we all prefer long skirts, natural heart unwilling to reveal their own charm to. If you have no advantage height, just not so much on the shortcomings of the body, then this print skirt can be designed to enhance the waist through your visual height, of course, to achieve the purpose was thin was significantly higher.

01 This one is also prepared for the pear-shaped girls, through the horizontal stripes to make up for the weaker upper body, through the pure black feet pants to cover up the lack of leg lines, the summer pants to do so In the skirt of the world won a place.

02 If you have big legs, do not be stingy, show it all. Leg length and straight, but the upper body is not so perfect, then choose shorts suit. why? Because the waist bow design can make a lot of associations to ignore many shortcomings, to avoid weaknesses is to learn.

03 Of course, the issue of dress and dress, the purpose of the dress is to cover up, the meaning of the skirt is tender, printing is to divert attention. Fetal legs at the fungus see not so precise, but in fact on the thin leg has a very good help, the complexity of printing may make you not so concerned about the body is good or bad.

04 What is wrong with the pursuit of significant thin, beauty is the nature of each girl Well, the way may be easier, but oh really useful. Of course, there are certainly more perfect and more convenient way for you to wear outfit, the charm of clothes from China is far from being played, the girls please continue to work hard.

05 We can see the mountains because we are still at the foot of the mountains, we look up to the seemingly unaffordable height. The crowd around us is noisy, emotionally or sadly happy. Some are struggling to move forward. Some people are camping, and most people hesitate to stay. Indecisive, wandering with the balance.


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