Thin plus a slim pants is enough to be fashionable

Winter is a distress season for every fashionable girl, even the girl has the nice proportion of the waist and hip can not resist a significant frustration that thick wholesale clothing brings to her. So the key point of winter fashion is the warmth and the swelling, of course, this depends on the heart you want to chase the fashion or not.

01 Intellectual pants gives priority to the taste of the connotation about girl’s needs, especially the loose pants. Although the elegance shows the point about fashion, but nice material contributes to the intangible escalation of elegant connotation.

02 After all, it is the youthful romance, which is full of love, the fabric has a little bit of elasticity, plus a little brushed warm, you can be thin and not contrived, classic and simple, but also to meet the fashionable needs.

03 No matter what the immortal tolerance about the fashion, the elegance will naturally have a soft spot, which also makes the pants be light and extravagant petty. Although facing the cold wind, but pants also like to just keep a bit cool with some holes, the transformation of a type is entirely possible, in fact, it is alone with beautiful solemn.

04 Obviously no one is required to be thin when the original form will be chic in the end. Small straight shape of the pants is the embodiment of the perfect savior, but the key is the slim line of the classic design.


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