This damn weather! Let clothes deal with it

All year round, hot winter hot summer, the most annoying is not hot or cold, but like the recent period of time, while cold for a while hot, sooner or later cold not, have to wear two or three, to the big noon. Can put people who wear short-sleeved hot sweat. Temperature difference is not only reflected in the morning and evening, with the rainy day sunny day is also particularly large, tossing enough to choke, accidentally have to go back to the hospital, unpredictable, pay attention to wholesale clothing from China.

01 Immediately in November, the autumn tiger also from time to time will be crazy, in fact, really hot is not afraid, afraid that you are wearing less, suddenly changed the day, for the weather reaction more slow girl, it will beaten by surprise, and should not be a minor illness. When the weather is cool, remember to wear pieces of sweater, you can be a sweet beauty.

02 When you get up in the morning, just feel the whole body cold so much, and could not have been nest in the small bed is not up, until the day three, the clothes will be off only one, and after the evening if forgot to wear back over the bad weather is that people do not worry, to cope with a lot of sooner or later temperature difference, take off the windbreaker remember to wear it, beautiful as you must be careful.

03 Recently this time, the surrounding people suddenly sick up more, after all, not everyone to take care of themselves so in place, sometimes easy to add a piece of clothing can avoid a disease, but often busy then you forget. But this weather is really hateful, sweater in hand, you will be calm.

04 Beauty of the people everyone has, for a lot of women even if the weather is bad, not as bad as the image, wearing a dress can be the greatest degree of distribution of their own female charm, but autumn and winter dress, is bound to there is a certain thickness, the best velvet, velvet fabric to absorb the heat, soft character lines, the beauty is equal to being warm.

05 The weather is the easiest and unprepared, but if you are ready It is not afraid it changed to change, the coat away from the hand, carry a jacket, feeling hot then take it off, feeling cold then wear it, and then simple things, but can stay away from illness, health is better than everything.


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