Wear the good-looking camouflage, be a stylish girl

Speaking of camouflage, first think of military training? Think of instructors? NO, camouflage should not be on the military training only good memories. Those who have been active in the fashion line of camouflage clothing wholesale, always quite a classic presence, they do not wear it, a wear will make you be fashionable.

01 Sweater is a symbol of autumn, put on a sweater, it represents the official arrival of the autumn. Although the temperature difference at this stage does not need to wear a sweater to keep the warm, but early prepared fashionable sweater, you can easily deal with a variety of embarrassment and trouble that brought by seasonal changing.

02 If you do not look carefully, you may really feel the clothes in front of you just like the one in military training when wearing, but after carefully reading, you will find that the two really have a big difference. Camouflage jacket has handsome version type, is not long-winded, in order to distinguish between military training, but also specifically with a lovely little print, to rush this intimate, it should also be your favorite.

03 Relaxed camouflage T-shirt reveals a lazy fashion taste, the irregular length of the design is destined to camouflage inherently shining trend capital. In the early autumn, or there will be some time can not be separated from short-sleeved, so do you want to try to use camouflage T-shirt to open your fashionable trip?

04 Perspective, hollow, camouflage, these kinds of completely different elements be together, can bring a very wonderful chemical reaction. When you think camouflage is very serious, you look at the body of those hollow, those perspective, and instantly you will think it is not so refused to thousands of miles away about fashion.

05 Hooded addition to the camouflage coat adds a touch of youthful atmosphere. Drawstring design to help you show a good body at the same time, but also for you to highlight the fashion temperament, regardless of the final you choose to pull the zipper to wear, or open to wear such a jacket, you can feel camouflage to bring you a difference.


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