wholesale women clothes

Recently, the beauty of women must be concerned about the new clothes in the store, you will find that businesses will always go in front of the season, this is not the spring has not yet passed, but there are already a large number of summer boarded the window. In fact, the summer can also be considered to start, and the weather in April suddenly hot and cold, when encountered hot or short sleeve can even battle sleeve battle, so may wish to lead the way ahead of others to enjoy the wonderful summer bar.

01 In the summer, you can wear a lot of skirts, think about it is very forest. As thin as a gauze skirt, coupled with delicate and beautiful lace shirt, black and white with good looks not tired, stylish wild and full of temperament, create a gentle and generous you, from goodbye passers-by, turned Street beat people.

02 Summer skirt, you can thin to the extreme, to a beautiful dress, sleeveless design is more free and unrestrained, the most summer spirit. Blurred printing seems to come from exotic, long skirt swaying, interpretation of the romantic Bohemian style, the beauty was like a goddess in general. Do not wait until the summer, in the streets of April, accessories cardigan, you can wear it to go out.

03 Details Summer popular style, T-shirt has always been the main force, summer models T-shirt to the majority of short-sleeved sleeveless, sleeves also have time on the mirror. T-shirt with plain cotton, a simple fresh look, a little comfortable, but also a little art, regardless of the world’s noisy, quiet to do a fresh and sunny beauty.

04 Unpredictable weather, full of summer sun when the atmosphere, this time you can make shorts skirt walked. Vigorous pompon skirt, light gauze puffed up like a bubble, full of sweet taste, wearing shorts most worried about the issue of walking, but the design of clothing wholesale is very good to avoid this, so you can rest assured bold show a good stature, a beautiful street.

05 Literary style T-shirt is not only love to play, dress is also love. As the floral ink allows you to become extraordinarily elegant, with a hint of scholarly atmosphere, bring out the quality of your heart orchid. The texture is more smooth silk, silk texture to enhance the overall temperament, elegant style. Cool sleeveless design is not afraid of the summer hot weather, in April or May air-conditioned room with accessories solid color sweater is the most suitable.


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